Class contents
Class contents

Class contents

Admission to school
Advancement Courses
Start from courses
April 24months
July 21months
October 18months
January 15months
Timetable Mon~Fri
AM 9:00~10:30 PM 13:00~14:30
AM 10:50~20 PM 14:50~16:20
Auditor courses Short-term courses are available for those who can obtain a valid visa to stay in Japan. The courses can be started at any time. But in order to study more effectively, we recommend a short-term course starting from April, July, or October.
Short term intensive course For those who hold a short term visa(1-3 months),short term intensive course for summer/winger terms is available,which also provides extracurricular activities for more understanding to Japanese cultures.Certificate of completion of the course will be issued for all the students.