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Application qualification

Education in Japan after 12 years, and the principle of less than 5 years.

The details of each course

  Start in January Start in April Start in July Start in October
Number to be admitted 28 persons 40 persons 40 persons 32 persons
Course 1year and 3months 2years 1year and 9months 1year and 6months
Period of Application From July to the beginning of September From September to the beginning of November From January to the beginning of March From March to the beginning of May
Period of Admission Mid to end of December, the same year Mid to end of March, the following year Mid to end of June, the same year Mid to end of September, the same year
Tuition Fee 862,500YEN 1,335,000YEN 1,177,500YEN 1,020,000YEN

The entrance to the flow

Procedure January Admission April Admission July Admission October Admission
Applicant sends application form to the Japanese school Early July - Late August Early September - Late October Early January - Late February Early March - Late April
Apply for certificate of eligibility Late September Late November Late March Late May
Japanese language school receives certificate of eligibility issued by the immigration office Same Year Late November Next Year Late Feburayr Same Year Late May Same Year Late August
Applicant pays the tuition fee to school Early December - Mid December Early March - Mid-March EarlyJune -Mid-June Early September - Mid-Setpember
Applicant comes to Japan, entrance procedure Late December Late March Late June Late September
Entrance ceremony, orientation January April June October

Application documents and information


Download documents 学校資料・募集要項
Sending address〒135-0042
5-11-13,Kiba,koto-ku,Tokyo135-0042 JAPAN
Kiba station of Tozai Line No. 1 in 1 minute walk

Documents on the principal applicant

Application Materials Notes
Application Form (in required format) Handwritten and signed
Resume (in required format) Handwritten and signed
Reason for applying must be translated into Japanese
Original Graduate Certificate  ※Students with diploma degrees or higher degree must submit degree certification 
Non-English certificates must be translated into Japanese
Academic Transcript of Highest Degree ※Applicants who have particiated in university entrance test at home country must provide exam result certificates
Non-English transcript must be translated into Japanese
Proof of Study / Employement Students or employed applicants must submit graduate certificates for the highest degree. Graduated applicants who have worked for more than 6 months must provide proof of employment
Copy of Registered Permenant Residence Including all family members of the applicant
Non-English documents must be translated into Japanese
Prove of Japanese Skills Evidence to demostrate that the applicant has studied Japanese for more than 150 hours of he / she has passed Japanese skill test Level N5
Applicants who have participated Japanese skill test must provide result cerficiate
Passport Photos 4 x recent photos (within 3 months) in format of 3cm x 4cm. Please write name and DOB at the back of all photos
Copy of Passport Only applicable to passport holders
Financial Supporter
Application Materials Notes
Letter of Assurance(in required format) To be completed by the person who is providing financial support
Proof of Relationship with Applicant Documents to prove the relationship between the applicants and financial supporter
Non-English documents must be translated into Japanese
Term Deposit Certificates or Account Balance Certificate
Copy of Term Deposit Must demostrate the accumilation of the required amount over time
Proof of Employement Proof of employment must demostrate the period of employement
Registration of Business (of Employer)
Proof of Income
Proof of Income Tax Payment